Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rubber Stockings

I realize. I am not a good blogger. I am too easily distracted by life to maintain my internet persona. However, I am in the midst of putting together my website, which hopefully I will be better at maintaining both for personal & business reasons. 

I have given up facebook for lent. That internet persona i maintain, do i dare admit, hourly ceases to exist until Easter. Week one is completed. Lent has never been this hard before. 

My first show has gone up Cigarettes for Jesus. Check out the Website... the two reviews are good! Which makes me excited... WEBSITE!

I am in rehearsals for my next show. 9x9x9. WEBSITE! It is most fun. I will be basically naked the entire time, bikini (as seen on postcard) or sexy underwears... Working out... NOW. 

I can't believe how fast my time here is going. Work is good. Acting is good. I am waiting to hear about the timing on my directing internship at the Guthrie. EEK! I am so pumped. 

Apparently I moved to Minneapolis during the coldest winter they've had since 1984. That's before i was born. 

Then I'm going back to LA. Bets on if it'll be the hottest summer since '84? Ugh. 

Had my first webisode sitcom shoot. SUPER fun. I'm really excited to see where it goes. The boys i'm working with are such sweeties. I'm in the process of convincing one of them (the writer. duh, what do you expect?) to move to LA with me because where else is he going to write sitcoms? Duh. 

Also. I think I have my next 2-3 years mapped out... and if they all go accordingly and I end up in grad school Fall 2011 then i'll have the next 4-5 years mapped. Oooo... i love plans & goals and etc. Especially in a world with no plans. No procedure manuals.

But i guess that isn't just my world. it transcends the theatrics to reality. People die in reality. On stage they get back up. I don't want to leave my blackbox. Get back up I say. I am the director. God is director out there. Or worse...there is no one directing. Death around me makes me want to say things I wouldn't if I wasn't reminded it could be tomorrow. It makes me want to beg. To feel the cold. To be touched. To smell the Ocean. To be kissed. To see the stars. To eat ice cream. To run harder. To take pictures. To say I love you. 

And I do. I love you.