Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transcending Lava Surpasses Minefield.

When you wake up it is good to remember you are not dead so you do not forget to open your eyes.

I am currently being cuddled by 20lbs of black lab puppy love. She is my baby for the week. She peed in my kitchen. Twice. But she's made up for it in kisses.

Adventure with a boy today. I will call him Jem. We shared coffee of the iced variety. He took his black. I'm not sure how he felt about the guava cake. But he knew how to handle my puppy. If you know what I mean. And you should. It means he knew how to walk my dog. It was really cute.

Went to an acting workshop tonight. It was good. But not the same. I miss my summer company. My summer loves. I do hope we all (well, almost all. nothing is ever 100%. until it is. and then its perfect and according to the hindus you become a cow.) transcend the evanescence of summer romance and continue to grow together as real live people. I think we will. And those who don't clearly were never meant to be cows in the first place.

I wish i had a Pensieve. A la Harry Potter. There are moments I wish I knew the details to. The slightest touch. Which way a crooked smile leaned. What exact words were said. The missed beat of a heart. How many pieces of pie were eaten. Finding the balance between past & present is hard. To be in the present you are a compilation of your past. But you can't waste too much time remembering who you were then because you'd lose the chance to create the future you now. Life is very complicated. Not life. Time. No life.

Both probably.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skyline Inclined Solitude

Los Angeles is filled with anything but Angels. Except that I've met two people by the name this week.

Fighting fatigue. Fighting boredom. Fighting through what must be done in order to just do. Considering that art is often used to question politics its political system is not so surreptitiously daunting. Possibly a problem to be played.

I find my brick walls and hardwood floors inspirational. The sight of which automatically creates a nostalgia for a time I never lived. Things crumbled slower then.

Back in LA. Back home. In a home anyway. In the process of making it mine. A lifetime passed this summer in Connecticut. In the Newest London. The oldest acres. New friends. Broken hearts. Drunken revelry. Good art & bad. A foreshadowing for what will come to pass. Deep cuts. Man made. Once made. Re-made. Los Angeles seeks rejuvenation through Botox. Todays forecast : Potential for potholes. 85%.

Must see what else LA has to offer.