Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flinging Manatees

I will be back in LA in 72 hours. Less really but I'm too lazy to do the math. 1:55pm Wednesday.

Much to do. Little time to do it. Alas. It will get done won't it? It has to I suppose. 

I should be asleep. I am not. I just got home from a night out with a boy. Most fun. Most comfortable. Wonderful theatrical conversation. That is, conversation relating to the topic of theatre. Although, being actors I assume we did come off as rather theatrical to those around us. 

I'm excited to go and sad to leave. How wonderful it has been to grow closer to family. Family is taken for granted in this time I think. Knowing it's so easy to call or skype or shoot a text. That is great and all. But it's not the same as being there, knowing each other, being apart of each other's lives. I'm glad I've had this opportunity. I hope I will have it again. I hope it will motivate us to stay close and to bring the rest in with us. 

I miss my mama on this mother's day. All of them. My grandma(s) my aunt(s) my theatre mama, but more than anyone I miss the only one I got. My one & only mama. I am lucky. Lucky I am to have such a woman in my life. Resilient. Forgiving. Selfless. Fashionable. Intelligent. Hilarious. My mother is fabulous. She is a woman beyond measure. One who continues to answer the phone even if she knows it's me calling to cry. again. She answers. And let's me be me, no matter how crazy i may be. She doesn't know it, probably wouldn't believe me if she did. But i pray every night to be strong like her. To be half as strong as her. She is the pillar of sanity in the psychosis of our family. We are all lost, yet she is found. And she is my pillar. My pillar of strength that I lean on, that i strive toward, that one day i will replace & allow to rest. She is my mama. She is mine. And I thank god each night for that.