Monday, April 20, 2009

An Asbestos Patina

I am the worst blogger ever. I will try to do better in my blogging future.

I have a return date to the Sunny Side. MAY 15th!

I applied for the Director's Lab West (WEBSITE)and have been waiting and waiting to find out my status. AND FINALLY I get an email.


I did not get in.


BUT. It was because I was too young/early in my career. And they enjoyed my application so much that they offered me an internship for the week so I can attend the workshop anyway (while also getting to meet all the organizers at the Pasadena Playhouse & the Boston Court...better deal? Um. Yes.).

This means I will actually get to help my poor Leslita in finding our apartment. Woot.


The Last month has been insane. literally. i've gone a little insane due to lack of sleep, exercise and proper nutrition. I've been surviving off espresso, excedrin & the occasional muffin. 80 hour work weeks are a bitch. But you can do anything for 6 weeks if you need to. Really really need to. And i did. And it was worth. The Guthrie. So Worth It.

9x9x9  has closed. It went extremely well if i do say so myself. Packed houses. Lots of laughs. No wardrobe malfunctions. 

Caroline or Change! Opens at the Guthrie this Friday in turn ending my commitment to them. It has been a ride. Mostly one where I sit quietly and observe. So more like a bench you sit on after the ride, or before. In this case, it's definitely before. I have a good feeling about where my career is going. Really good. I haven't been proud of myself in a long time. I find it hard to do. to even admit to myself, let alone to others. But I think I'm proud. Yes. Yes I do. 

Hopefully soon I won't just think it...

Love & moira.