Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wasn't Lost but Found it Anyway.

I haven't used the 'stickies' application on my computer since the end of college. Today. I needed a 'stickie' so I pulled it up. What memories I had left sitting so close to me everyday that I had forgotten to remember.

Like finding a time capsule I didn't know I buried.

Besides 'stickies' upon 'stickies' of to do lists, goals, quotes & info I wanted to remember (some I do some I don't) I discovered a real diamond in the ruff.

My Life List to Do.

The most amazing thing reading it was, I could actually cross a couple things off I hadn't been able to before. Below I post my Life List to do with a few things newly crossed off & updated with things I've realized I want to do. Mostly for me so I have it safely stored somewhere besides my desktop but perhaps in reading it you discover there's something you never realized you wanted to do.

It's amazing what you miss when it's staring at you every day.

Take a beat [as director Rachel likes to say].

We I spend so much time planning for the future - don't forget it's ok to remember & reminisce in the wonderful moments of the past. For me, this list is a combination of both.


Life List To Do: 

Run a HALF-Marathon

Run a Marathon

Get Scubadiving Certification

Visit all 7 Continents

Bungee Jump

Sky Dive

Go to the Superbowl

Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Sharks

Eat Pizza in Italy

Eat Baklava in Greece - Multiple Times. Yummy. Study Abroad in Athens August - December 2006

Sing in the Rain

Kiss in the Rain

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Live in Europe - Study Abroad in Athens August - December 2006

Float in the Dead Sea

Perform on Broadway

Direct on Brodway

Go on an African Safari

Sleep under the Stars - On the Beach in Malibu with Kelly Combs Fall 2008.

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Go to the Olympics

Go to the World Cup

Go to the La Brea Tar Pits

Go to SeaWorld

Go to an Airport with a Bag, Passport & Take the 1st Flight Available.

Share Spaghetti Lady & the Tramp Style

Visit 7 Wonders of the World

Buy a New Car 

Have my Portrait Painted

Go to Oktoberfest

Walk the Great Wall of China

Sing in the Mountains  [Sound of Music Style]

Sleep in a Hammock - Summer 2009 @ O'Neill Theatre Center

Drive on the Autobahn

Learn to say Cheers in every country I visit

Go through a Toll Booth & Pay for You & the Car Behind You

Learn to Drive a Stick Shift...Just in Case

Go White Water Rafting

Go Real Camping

Be on the Cover of a Magazine

Invent Something 

Write a Book

Write a Play - May 2008 : Playwrighting Class Final Project = Write a Full Length Play

Go to a Runway Show 

Run the Athens Marathon

Live Alone - November 2009 - Current. I <3 My Studio!

Host a Poker Night

Drink Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

Visit 10 of the Biggest Things in the World
               - #1 Visited World's Biggest Thermometer March 2008 w/Alex Lubischer

Go to the Macy's Day Parade

Go Kayaking 

Shave my Head

Be a Maid of Honor - IN PROGRESS for my best friends Mike & Olivia getting married May 2011

Run/Swim/Cycle in a Triathalon

Catch Fireflies

Buy a House

Go to Europe without a plan

Love Epically 

Have a Pet Hedgehog

Have a Pet Turtle

Write a Song on the Guitar

Host a Murder Mystery Party - Leslie's Bday Party November 2008

Cliff Jump in Hawaii

Be Serenaded

Get Married to 'The One'

Be a Mom

Work with an Animal Shelter - February 2010 - Current :: Social Media Manager & Foster Mama with Life4paws ( or

Go to a Sumo Match in Japan

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor

Place a $1000 Bet

Gondola Ride around Venice

Get in a Fist Fight (for a good reason)

Make my own Sushi

Go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Perform an Act of Guerilla Theatre

To Be Continued... 

I happened to say this earlier today before this 'Stickie' situation even arose. But...


I'm not normally this overtly optimistic. 

I think I may like it.

[insert sarcastic comment here].